Wardrobes and closets


Roomy, comfortable, spacious, tall, stylish, fashionable - there are always lots of requirements for wardrobes and closets. ALANTAS furniture experts know how to make every one of them a reality. We have already fulfilled our promise hundreds of times, installing wardrobes and closets for clients from all over Lithuania.

For every interior

We design different types of wardrobes: sliding doors or hinged doors, for clothes or storage, built-in or recessed. For wardrobes, we create customized storage systems to help keep things tidy. Depending on your interior vision, we can transform your wardrobe into a distinctive element of your home's style, using colors and textures, or create a sense of unity by choosing neutral tones and echoing other elements of the interior.

Furniture manufacturing experts

More than 30 years of quality furniture manufacturing have convinced us that every home needs unique solutions. Whatever the complexity of your living space, our specialists will make sure that the result exceeds your expectations. We will be happy to advise you on the right materials or technologies to make your new piece of furniture a real highlight of your interior and a joy to use every day.

Your partners

The team of ALANTAS can take care of all stages of the production of a wardrobe or closet. Our designers will help you choose the best solution and design it. We will then manufacture the furniture elements using state-of-the-art equipment and finally install the wardrobe or wardrobe in your home. Throughout the process, we will make sure that you feel supported and flexible, and that you get furniture that will delight you for many years to come.

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