Kitchen furniture


In the kitchen, not only family members meet, but all the elements - fire and water, heat and cold. That's why this space needs comfortable furniture ready to withstand the kitchen's experiments and other challenges. These are the kitchen furniture sets designed and manufactured by ALANTAS, which have found their place in thousands of Lithuanian homes.




ALANTAS team has already completed hundreds of individual kitchen furniture orders in more than thirty years of operation. With this experience, we have also learnt the most important tricks for making the most of your kitchen space, while also implementing solutions that are pleasing to the eye and timeless. We are flexible, meticulous and responsive to our clients' needs at every stage of the installation process.

Many choices

Our kitchen sets are a reflection of our customers' wishes, using the latest technology and materials from trusted suppliers. We work with a wide range of materials and are always on the lookout for new innovations to help us create exceptional interiors that require different textures, colours and materials. We also implement various storage solutions, integrate home appliances and help create a space that is not only comfortable to produce in, but also to organise.

Decision support

Finally, we are experienced partners not only in production but also in the collection process. We know how difficult it can be to decide which kitchen set will best suit your interior. That's why ALANTAS designers are always on hand to advise, while the rest of the team will take care of measuring, responsible design, production and implementation. We'll advise you on the right furniture layout for your space, how to keep your kitchen tidy, how to get the most out of your work surfaces, or which textures are easiest to maintain.

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